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    Converstional commerce become popular because
    Streamlined service on a single channel, Shorten the time to serve & complete, and Personalized and comprehensive assistance
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    Technology - Chatbot + AI + NLP
    Leveraging today technologies together with the essentials to create better customer experience

Conversational Experience become a new way to do things

When the time we get used to using Messenger tools such as Whatsapp,WeChat,Facebook Messenger or others to communicate with each other. It also become one of the official channels that we expect to communicate with the Companies.

What now ?

Live Chat

Live Chat become one of the basic function in every company website. Visitor will not search or find what they need or want from the website. They just directly ask in Live Chat.


Chatbot become more popular because it automatically deliver message or handling different kind of customer requests such as order processing, survey, purchase travel insurance and so on.


New channels created online from time to time such as Facebook Messenger and WeChat and business is leveraging these channels to do more...

Chat4Service - Unified Chat Management Platform

Chat4Service is a Live Chat software provide all the required Live Chat function & features. In additional, the Chat Management platform consolidate the chat across different channels such as Facebook Page Messenger, WeChat, Company Website, Mobile App and so on.

Unified Chat Managment Platform

One platform for handling the chats across different channels and administration & monitoring for companies to ensure the systems and users answer what the  customer need.

Chatbot + Human

Chatbot is designed to handle specific purpose such as customer enquiry. Human support is required to manage the proper the customer request properly.

Multi-Channel Support

Live Chat features are provided out of the box. Additional, other channels such as Facebook and WeChat chats are consolidated in a single platform to support.


Leveraging advance AI and NLP technologies to understand the chat conversation to deliver a better customer experience.

Cloud & Premise Options

Cloud and Premise options to fit the business needs.


The chat information across different channels are stored and able to be exported.

In a research report, People spending around 30 mins daily to use their messenger tools such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Asia countries consuming more time than others.

What about you ?

- The research is written by Joseph Schwartz in SimilarWeb -

Our Vision And Mission

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
We leverage nowaday technologies to create better user experience and usable solutions

Innovation Leader

Never stay in one position without reviewing what can be done better with new technology

Best Solutions & Approaches

Technology + Process + User Experince is the formula that Startoken use to make the soultion better

Quality Service & Support

Proactive support is the key to understand what the customer need and how to resolve the problem

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